Co-Founder of Center Publishes New Study on Bradbury and Modernism

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Lord Dunsany, H. P. Lovecraft, and Ray Bradbury: Spectral Journeys, by William F. Touponce

Professor Emeritus of English William F. Touponce, co-founder and first director of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies at IUPUI, has published a new book that places Bradbury in the comparative context of Modernism. The factors that led Bill to write this book, as well as an excellent summary of the way these three masters of the Fantastic reacted to key aspects of the Modern world, can be found in this Indiana University news feature:

Bill was able to draw on archival and published resources of the Bradbury Center as he wrote the new book, which was recently published by Scarecrow Press (Rowman & Littlefield). As Amazon's on-line commentary notes, "In Lord Dunsany, H. P. Lovecraft, and Ray Bradbury: Spectral Journeys, William F. Touponce examines what these three masters of weird fiction reveal about modernity and the condition of being modern in their tales. . . . By comparing these authors, Touponce also traces the development of supernatural fiction since the early 1900s. . . . This study will appeal to fans of the three authors discussed here, as well as to scholars and others interested in the connection between literature and society, criticism of supernatural fiction, the nature of storytelling, and the meaning and experience of modernity."