The New Ray Bradbury Review #2 is now available

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The New Ray Bradbury Review #2 is now available from Kent State University Press!!

Call for papers on Ray Bradbury!

The New Ray Bradbury Review, a yearly journal designed primarily to study the impact of Ray Bradbury's writings on American culture is seeking submissions for future issues. Edited by The Center for Ray Bradbury Studies, a newly established archive of Bradbury's writings located at Indiana University, it is published by the Kent State University
Press. Issues are organized thematically. Recently published, the first issue is devoted to the question of adaptation, or Bradbury's translation into other media. This inaugural effort also features two of Bradbury's unpublished screenplays, reviews of his work in radio, and an extensive bibliography of Bradbury's adaptation into other media.  Although the journal will consider submissions on any topic related to Bradbury, and welcomes diverse approaches to this influential American author, now in his eighty-eighth year, two future issues are in the planning stages: in Fall 2009, a special issue on Bradbury and Halloween, and in Fall 2010, a special issue devoted to Fahrenheit 451.  Proposed articles should be submitted at least six months in advance of these publication dates. Address all correspondence to the editor, William F. Touponce (Graphic Text).  Submissions should be made electronically in MLA format.