The Life of Fiction

2005 Locus Award Finalist,
Best Non-Fiction

Praise for The Life of Fiction:

“A model of good scholarship, this volume details each of Bradbury’s numerous writings from initial draft through various editions.” - Choice

“Important, scrupulously researched, ingeniously built, complexly human…” - Extrapolation

“Moving from the influence of the carnivalesque on Bradbury’s style to his meticulous revision process to his unique reception as both a serious and a popular writer,  this chronicle details Bradbury’s influence through the course of sixty years.” - American Literature

 “I’ve been diving deeper into the book during the last few days. It’s an incredible thing that you have done. Not only are you revealing me to other people, but you are revealing me to myself…I hadn’t realized that my creative muse, my demon, lodged inside my psyche somewhere,  ran so deep and so strange…you have managed to fuse your lives with mine and come up with a terrific adventure.” - Ray Bradbury

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