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Robin Condon, (B.A., Johns Hopkins University; M.A., University of Chicago; Ph.D.candidacy, University of Chicago). Director of Operations and Associate Editor, Center for Ray Bradbury Studies; Textual Editor, Institute for American Thought. Condon served for six years as an editor of the Frederick Douglass Papers project before joining the Bradbury Center. She authored the volume introduction for the critical edition of Life and Times of Frederick Douglass (Yale University Press, 2013). She is currently writing about Douglass as a reader, and her interests include Bradbury and race as well as Bradbury as a twentieth-century historian. She has completed a juvenile biography of Frederick Douglass, forthcoming from Blue Cardinal Press in 2015, as well as an adult trade biography of Douglass to be released in 2018, marking the bicentennial of great antislavery orator's birth.