The Library

“The Library”

141.27 the Niebelungen, the Machens] The very preliminary first draft (the only known form of this story) reads “the Neibluenging [sic] and glegkd, the Machens…” Context and the surrounding key pattern on the typewriter keyboard suggest that the nonce word may have been intended to be “Grimms,” but this is pure speculation and the original word is long lost from memory. Even this very tenuous reconstruction assumes one or more typing transpositions in addition to the general misalignment of keystrokes. With no probable identification for this literary allusion, it has been emended out of the text.

143.12–15 He went down…pace.”] This alternate ending appears a few lines below what appears to be Bradbury’s original ending for the story. Bradbury’s preference is not clear, and therefore both endings are presented in the present edition.