The Pedestrian

“The Pedestrian”

253.4 Mr. Leonard Mead] The name of the pedestrian reflects this story’s close creative connections to “The Fireman” and Fahrenheit 451, whose protagonist is named Leonard Montag. But there are other analogs; Leonard (Leo) was also the Christian name of Bradbury’s father.

253.8 A.D. 2131,] In revising for The Golden Apples of the Sun (1953), Bradbury reset the date of the story to a century after first publication—2052 A.D. This created a contradiction later in the tale, where the date of “last year’s election” had also been reset to 2052. The error carried over into Twice Twenty-Two (1966), but Doubleday’s Young Adult editors were more vigilant in preparing “The Pedestrian” for inclusion in S Is for Space (1966). For this volume (and the 1990 edition of Classsic Sories 2), the date at this point was correctly recalibrated to read 2053.

254.3–6 For…time.] Bradbury may have decided, in retrospect, that this passage gave away too much too early in the story. In all later published versions, he moved the substance of this passage six paragraphs further into the narrative (250.32–251.3).

255.18–19 a year ago, 2130,] In all subsequent versions of the story, Bradbury reset the date of this event (one year in the past of the main action) to 2052 A.D.