The Smile

“The Smile”

267.1–29 In the town…wealth.] A single leaf from the Ignorant Armies grouping of novel fragments, dating from approximately 1947, contains an early and very approximate draft of this passage from “The Smile.”

270.29–271.33 At last…confetti.] Two continuous fragment leaves from the 1947 Ignorant Armies nest represent a very early version of the Mona Lisa desecration scene that stands at the center of “The Smile.” These leaves contain a parallel but somewhat distanced variation, without the boy who is at the center of the narrative of “The Smile.”

272.5–33 At sunset…morning] Bradbury used a shorter, early draft of this closing scene as a tentative closing chapter for the 1947 Ignorant Armies novel project. The story was reintegrated as a stand-alone narrative when the larger project was abandoned.