History of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies

In the spring of 2007, the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI created the nation's first center for the study of science fiction and fantasy author Ray Bradbury. The current Director and co-founder of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies, Chancellor’s Professor Jonathan Eller, enjoyed an intellectual friendship with Ray Bradbury for the last twenty-three years of the author's life. Initially, the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies was an extensive research library and small archive that accommodated visiting researchers, but its primary function was to produce a scholarly journal, The New Ray Bradbury Review, and the multi-volume scholarly edition of Ray Bradbury's stories in their earliest forms, The Collected Stories of Ray Bradbury. These publishing initiatives continue today. 

The South Wall of Bradbury's officeInitial archival acquisitions began soon after the founding of the Bradbury Center, by way of periodic gifts of original Bradbury papers and books from Donn Albright, Professor (now Emeritus) of the Pratt Institute and Bradbury’s principal bibliographer for many years. In addition to these original documents and books, Albright’s close ties to Eller and the Bradbury Center led to an ongoing program of first photocopying (then eventually scanning) Albright’s significant personal Bradbury collection for “virtual” deposit in the Center. In these ways, the Center had a significant footprint of original and virtual collection archives in place prior to Ray Bradbury’s death in June 2012.

At his passing, Ray Bradbury’s home still contained thousands of copies of his books, and over a hundred thousand pages of his works and related papers.  Bradbury had bequested these treasures to Donn Albright, who decided to gift much of his bequest on to the Center. In June and again in mid-October 2013, little more than a year after Ray Bradbury’s passing, Albright, his daughter Elizabeth, and Eller supervised the initial inventory, final packing, and load-out from Bradbury's Los Angeles home; this effort, which included many days of sorting and staging great amounts of material, was documented through an extensive photographic essay by Elizabeth Albright. The Bradbury family followed Albright’s example by gifting their father’s office and many awards and mementos, and the combined shipments (more than 18,000 pounds) were transported cross-country to the Bradbury Center.  The Albright books and papers constituted more than three-quarters of the combined $6.2 million appraisal for these gifts. The Bradbury Center's mission immediately shifted to prioritize preservation and access of the collection and to develop the cultural and educational outreach that such an extensive and high-profile single-author archive could provide to local, regional, and national communities.

The Center's Mission

The mission of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies is to fully document, preserve, and provide public access to its large and diverse collection of Space-Age visionary author Ray Bradbury's literary works, art, artifacts, personal office, personal library, correspondence, typescripts, manuscripts, photographs, mementoes, audiovisual materials and juvenilia; to enable visiting scholars and students to conduct research; to continue its outreach programming in the Indianapolis community, throughout Indiana, and nationally, with an emphasis on reaching high school teachers, students, and librarians; and to continue publishing the critical edition of Bradbury’s Collected Stories and our annual scholarly journal The New Ray Bradbury Review. Through the Bradbury Center, Indiana University curates and preserves the legacy of a Midwestern-born author who is also a national cultural treasure.

Who visits the Bradbury Center?

University research visitors from as far afield as Great Britain and Hawaii have studied at the Bradbury Center. English graduate interns have worked at the Center every year since 2012. Indiana Univeristy classes in Digital Storytelling, Textual Studies, and the Herron School of Art & Design have visited for lectures, and the Center regularly hosts tours for visitors from all over the world.

Staff Members


Jason Aukerman

(PhD, MA, MBA) Director of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies








Alisha Beard

(MA) Coordinator for Creative Projects and Archivist








Jordan Brinker

(MA) Web Marketing Manager








Jonathan R. Eller

Emeritus Faculty:
Jonathan R. Eller (B.S., United States Air Force Academy, 1973; B.A., University of Maryland, 1979; M.A. (1981), Ph.D. (1985), Indiana University) is an Emeritus Chancellor's Professor of English, and retired co-founder of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies, a research component of Indiana University’s School of Liberal Arts (IUPUI). He co-founded the Bradbury Center within the Institute for American Thought in 2007 and served as the Center’s director from August 2011 until his retirement from Indiana University in early 2021. Eller edited and established the texts for the three-volume Collected Stories of Ray Bradbury series and served as general editor for volumes 2 and 3. He was general editor for issues 4, 5, and 6 of The New Ray Bradbury Review.

Eller’s friendship and working relationship with Ray Bradbury began in the late 1980s. In 1993 he retired from a twenty-year Air Force career and joined the faculty at IUPUI. Since 2000 Eller has edited or co-edited several limited press editions of Ray Bradbury's fiction, including The Halloween Tree (2005), Dandelion Wine (2007), and two collections of stories related to Bradbury’s publication of Fahrenheit 451 in 1953: Match to Flame (2006) and A Pleasure to Burn (2010).

His most recent books include the biographical trilogy Becoming Ray Bradbury (2011), Ray Bradbury Unbound (2014), and Bradbury Beyond Apollo (2020). Since 2013 he has prefaced and prepared new historical sections for Simon & Schuster’s latest editions of Fahrenheit 451 and Something Wicked This Way Comes. Three of Professor Eller’s books on Bradbury have been LOCUS award finalists for best nonfiction title in the science fiction and fantasy field. He is currently working on two volumes of Bradbury’s fiction (early novels and novelized story cycles, and selected short stories) for The Library of America’s extensive series of classic American literary works.


External Consultants to the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies

Senior Consultant:

Phil NicholsPhil Nichols (Ph.D., University of Liverpool, 2017), Senior Lecturer and Course Leader, School of Media, Faculty of Arts, University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. Senior Advisor to the Bradbury Center, Nichols is an expert in Bradbury’s screenwriting and work across all media. He maintains the most comprehensive online bibliography of Bradbury’s publications at his university-hosted Bradburymedia website. He is a member of the Advisory Board of The New Ray Bradbury Review and a Consulting Editor on The Collected Stories of Ray Bradbury: a Critical Edition.

Additional Consultants:

Donn Albright, Professor of Communication Design, Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, N.Y.) and Professor, Associate Degree Programs, Pratt Institute (Manhattan Center). Professor Albright has been Mr. Bradbury’s principal bibliographer since the late 1970s, and maintains the largest private collection of Bradbury manuscripts, books, multimedia work, and secondary source materials. Photocopies of major manuscripts from this collection will be deposited with the Center (see section 8 for a discussion of access procedures).

S. T. Joshi (M.A., Brown University), a well-known independent scholar in the fields of Fantasy and Supernatural Literature. Joshi is a leading authority on H. P. Lovecraft, Ambrose Bierce, H. L. Mencken, and other writers, mostly in the realms of supernatural and fantasy fiction. He has edited corrected editions of the works of Lovecraft, several annotated editions of Bierce and Mencken, and has written such critical studies as The Weird Tale (1990) and The Modern Weird Tale (2001). His award-winning biography, H. P. Lovecraft: A Life (1996), was followed by I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H. P. Lovecraft, (2 volumes, 2010).  He has compiled bibliographies of H. P. Lovecraft (1981; revised 2009), Lord Dunsany (1993), Ramsey Campbell (1995), Ambrose Bierce (1999), Gore Vidal (2007), and H. L. Mencken (2009). He has also edited a major genre reference work, Supernatural Literature of the World: An Encyclopedia (2005). He is collaborating with Jonathan R. Eller on a comprehensive bibliography of Ray Bradbury.

David Mogen, Professor (Emeritus) of English, Department of English, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, Colorado 80523. Professor Mogen is the author of Ray Bradbury (G.K. Hall, 1986), Twayne’s United States Author’s Series volume on the first four decades of Bradbury’s career

Robin Anne Reid, Professor of English, Department of Literature and Languages, Texas A&M University-Commerce, Commerce TX 75429. Professor Reid is the author of Ray Bradbury (Greenwood Press, 2000). Her other publications in the Science Fiction field include a companion Greenwood Press study of Arthur C. Clarke.

Dr. Robert Woods, Professor of Great Books, Honors, and Liberal Arts, Faulkner University, Montgomery, Alabama. He holds the PhD in Humanities from Florida State University and has done considerable research in the area of literature and culture. He has made numerous presentations, published articles, and is currently completing a book on Fahrenheit 451. Dr. Woods serves as Head of the Great Books Honors College and Institute for the Study of Liberal Arts.


Bradbury Center Advisory Board

  • Bill Briscoe, Retired Engineer, Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library (KVML) Advisory Board Member and KVML Historian
  • Maurice Broaddus, Science Fiction Author, founder of MoCon, Kheprw Institute's Afrofuturist in residence, community organizer and teacher and librarian at Oaks Academy Middle School
  • Susan Davis, Adult Program Specialist, Indianapolis Public Library
  • Ramona Duncan-Huse, Senior Director, Conservation and Preservation Department at the Indiana Historical Society (IHS)
  • Sarah Halter, Executive Director, Indiana Medical History Museum
  • George Hanlin, Director of Grants, Indiana Humanities
  • Donna Kishbaugh, Mixed Media Arts and Writer
  • Greg Kishbaugh, Author, Editor, Publisher, Ray Bradbury Fiction Award Recipient 
  • Dr. Peter Mentzel, Sr. Fellow, Liberty Fund, Inc.
  • Beth Yates, Children’s Consultant, Professional Development Office at Indiana State Library

Editorial Board, The New Ray Bradbury Review

Since its inception in 2008, the Editorial Advisory Board for The New Ray Bradbury Review has consisted of Donn Albright, Jonathan R. Eller, Phil Nichols, and Sarah Lawall, Professor Emerita, Comparative Literature, University of Massachusetts. Professor Lawall was one of the editors of The Norton Anthology of Western Literature, 8th edition, and author of Critics of Consciousness (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1968). 

Professor Eller, who assumed general editorship of The New Ray Bradbury Review with issue 4, stepped down from the advisory board prior to the publication of that issue.

In 2015, Eller appointed Jeffrey Kahan, Professor of English, University of La Verne. Professor Kahan specializes in Shakespeare, Superhero Comic Books, the Modern Novel, Graphic Novels, and Digital Humanities.  His most recent book is Shakespiritualism: Shakespeare and the Occult, 1850-1950 (Palgrave, 2013).

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